February 28, 2019

Why Yoga & Daily Health Habits create better living – Romain Michaud – Dashneet Chadha

Gaia’s Riches (Dashneet Chadha) speaks to Romain Michaud – a Senior Product Manager by day, an everyday Yoga practitioner and very spiritual in being.

We discuss Romain’s Health & Wellness insights, Yoga practice & journey of self-development.

Questions Discussed: –
1. What daily health habits have you developed that you feel are essential to your well-being?

2. What led you towards Yoga and a quest for greater self awareness?

3. What have you learnt about your life that could not be achieved without everyday practice?

4. Why do you advocate for natural products over everyday non-natural cosmetics we may find so often on supermarket shelves?

How Romain can be reached:
Instagram: romain_inamor
Facebook: Romain McHaud
Email: romain.mic@gmx.com

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