August 19, 2018

Why everyday products do more harm than good

Most of us enjoy the ease of buying products such as toothpaste, face cream, soaps and detergents straight from the shelves of supermarkets. However, what we don’t realise is that many of these products contain chemicals and toxins that are bad for our bodies and the environment.

Consumerist behaviour means that every day products are produced at the lowest cost in order to be sold as cheaply as possible. Large organisations take little thought into whether or not what they are producing and selling is actually good for us. As long as the products pass the obligatory consumer and standards tests, there isn’t any additional consideration taken into the long term damage these products may be causing.

What are the risks?
Many studies have been undertaken into the affect off the shelf beauty and cleaning products have on our health. There has been a particular focus on chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate that have been found in many soaps, moisturisers and shampoos. It can even be found in toothpastes to help produce that foam we all think is a sign of a good clean. (1)

These chemicals can cause irritation, particularly when in contact with skin and can result in eczema and reduced skin function. Some products have even been linked to increased asthma attacks. (2)

Toothpastes can also contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives and flavours (that’s not natural mint!) and there are even concerns around the addition of fluoride.

Be product aware
Knowing how your products are made and what they are made from is critical to ensuring you aren’t inducing harmful toxins. Reading the packaging and doing some research into the products you use might open your eyes to what exactly you are using on your body and around your home.

Reading the list of ingredients used can be quite terrifying – if you don’t know what an ingredient is you wouldn’t instantly choose to eat it so why would you use it on your teeth or skin?

Choose the natural way
The easiest way to avoid consuming toxins and chemicals that harm your body it to choose products that use 100% natural ingredients. Nature offers us an abundance of ingredients that have natural cleansing and healing properties that we can draw upon – without any nasty side effects.

Your daily oral care can be an easy way to move away from every day products to healthier, natural options. Using a 100% natural toothpaste removes the potential for you to swallow hidden chemicals that are contained in regular toothpastes.

What we recommend
At Gaia’s Riches, we have tested products to choose the best 100% natural options for your oral care. We believe in the power of nature to clean your teeth, strengthen your gums and keep your breath fresh.

We have carefully selected only the best products that we believe in and use ourselves. Following the Ayurveda techniques of drawing upon nature and being in tune with natural processes of both your own body and the environment around you, our recommendations help you to create a beautifully balanced way of living.