February 28, 2019

Why Yoga & Daily Health Habits create better living – Romain Michaud – Dashneet Chadha

Gaia’s Riches (Dashneet Chadha) speaks to Romain Michaud – a Senior Product Manager by day, an everyday Yoga practitioner and very spiritual in being. We discuss Romain's Health & Wellness insights, Yoga practice...


December 18, 2018

How to find balance when Social Media is life – Dora Molina (Influencer / Travel Vlogger / Model)

Gaia’s Riches speaks to Dora Molina – a Social Media Influencer, Travel Vlogger & Model. Dora shares an interest in Health & Wellness and supporting the environment as best we can. We discuss her self developme...


December 10, 2018

How to make Natural Living a Lifestyle – Shavak Sinanan (Health & Wellness Practitioner / Vegan)

Gaia's Riches speaks to Shavak Sinanan - a Quantitative Researcher by day and a passionate Health and Wellness practitioner. Shavak gives us an insight into his approach to integrating Health & Wellness habits, as...


November 12, 2018

How to get better Organic Nutrition – Emi Looker (Native Nutrition UK) – Concepts for holistic health care

In this interview, Gaia's Riches learns more from Nutritionist (Emi Looker). She enlightens us on her background, as well as concepts for better nutrition, avoidance of processed foods and how this allows for more gro...


October 10, 2018

Journey to Gaia’s Riches & Self-Love – Interview with Influencer (Agnes Vivarelli)

In this Interview, YouTube influencer and Law of Attraction coach (Agnes Vivarelli) talks to Gaia's Riches Founder (Dashneet Chadha) about his journey to starting the business, as well as developing self-love....


August 25, 2018

Push towards Sustainable Living – Acacia Farm Lodge, Tanzania

En route to Ngorongoro crater (Conservation Area) recently, we had the privilege of staying at Acacia Farm Lodge, Karatu, Tanzania. This video was totally unplanned, but felt necessary to document the positive, sustai...