August 25, 2018

Push towards Sustainable Living – Acacia Farm Lodge, Tanzania

En route to Ngorongoro crater (Conservation Area) recently, we had the privilege of staying at Acacia Farm Lodge, Karatu, Tanzania.

This video was totally unplanned, but felt necessary to document the positive, sustainable setup at the Lodge. Many thanks to Pascal Israel Airway who gave us a very informative Tour of the farm.

It’s exactly this push towards more natural living and sustainability that is important to us at Gaia’s Riches and something we could all be doing better as a worldwide community, not only for our own health and connected-ness to earth, but to support the environment as well.

The 32 room Acacia Farm Lodge ( is supporting its development and service through continuous push towards 100% natural, non-chemical resourcing: –

– They grow coffee bean and 65 different vegetables organically, which they use as produce for the hotel.

– Resource the hotel and farm irrigation using a 100 metre deep bore hole.

– Power a vast amount of the hotel’ energy needs harnessing solar renewable energy.