My Story

I am bringing you the products and tools that have helped me connect to my source, starting with your teeth and gums. Gaia’s Riches is not merely an oral healthcare kit – it is a community to drive a collective conscience towards better mental and physical health. It is a place where people can share their journeys and seek mentorship for the times when we get lost in life.

My journey towards Natural Products, resulting in the birth of Gaia’s Riches, began in 2016 when I noticed to my horror recession appearing in my gums and the health of my hair declining. I realised this was Nature’s great wake up call. The food I was eating was deprived of essential nutrients, key to a healthy and balanced life-style. I started sampling more natural products as a substitute to any cosmetics I was previously using. Crucially, I began to ensure I spent more time outdoors – something easily forgotten when juggling life in a fast-paced city, such as London. It finally clicked to me that our emotional state is wholeheartedly defined by how we treat our body and how grounded we remain in the elements of this earth.

I also learnt that happiness and health is a constant act of balancing the mind, body and soul.

The moment I began to neglect one, I found it would be a catalyst for chaos, which sadly affected my work, well-being and most importantly, my relationships. This led me deeper into meditation and spirituality, something that goes hand in hand with Natural well-being and practice of the discipline.

My new perspective on life has opened my eyes to the commercial forces of modern day society. The monopolies in food production and pharmaceuticals are vast and far reaching. It is shockingly apparent how far we have moved away, in the West, from natural methods of farming and delivering food. Even more disheartening is witnessing the rampant use of chemical cosmetic products, that we have become so used to seeing in our supermarkets.

In realising that solace and self-love comes from being in tune with nature, I have found myself looking for a positive entrepreneurial opportunity.
I want Gaia’s Riches to emphasise the core principle that our well-being and path to finding our higher purpose is in reconnecting with nature.

It is in nature that our energy begins to flow better and our creativity and vitality is re-born.

Dashneet Chadha

Accredited Practitioner of Kinetic Shift Technique (UK Hypnosis Academy)

I have become driven by self-growth and the need to develop the tools to help achieve what we consciously strive for. I have learnt that conscious selection alone is difficult to accomplish without letting go and resolving negative beliefs and limitations (which we are often unaware of and can be playing as automated programmes in our unconscious mind). This is what often leads to lack of results, in spite of the greatest conscious effort and genuine desire to make lasting change.

My approach to achieving these objectives is holistic. Just as a house needs a solid foundation to be built upon, self-love & development is the crux to eliminate limiting beliefs, so that you can align yourself with your mission and purpose (be that in business or life).

In line with my desire to help others maximise their potential and create positive social change, I have honed a number of important skill-sets. One of these is being accredited to practice Kinetic Shift Technique – to help bring you effective energetic results.


What is Kinetic Shift Technique?

Kinetic Shift is a rapid method combining several different techniques to resolve Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, Weight Loss, Smoking and even life-changing events such as PTSD. Eighty percent of communication is non-verbal and therefore this technique bypasses the need for verbal communication as required by traditional therapy.

The process is quick and allows you to boost your energy and release negative feelings in a matter of minutes. To aid the confidence building process, I utilize Hypnosis to speak to your limitless unconscious mind. Often, the real issue holding us back is masked by fears, addictions or negative patterns of behaviour, which can be released using this practice.

Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is not a state of deep sleep. It does indeed involve the induction of a trance-like condition, but when in that state, the patient is actually in an enhanced state of awareness, concentrating entirely on the hypnotist’s voice. In this state, the conscious mind is suppressed and the subconscious mind brought to the forefront, enabling the therapist to suggest ideas, concepts and lifestyle adaptations to the patient. The seeds of which become firmly planted in your psyche.

Hypnosis is a fascinating tool that allows you to tap into your own inner wisdom so that you can make sound decisions, in line with who you truly are and what you deeply yearn. Things that may have been lost in the mix as you focus more on other needs on a daily basis.

When you’re in a hypnotic state, everything that is said to you registers in your subconscious mind. It does not get evaluated, analysed, weighed or compared. When you are in your normal conscious state, you are interacting with your surroundings and anything said is analysed, weighed and compared with your past conditioning (that may not necessarily be aligned to your future goals).

If my story resonates with you or you wish to learn more / seek support, feel free to connect with me privately.